Mobile Power Grounding Units


The A-2-Sea Mobile Power Grounding Unit (MPGU) is an important product for power safety and provides the ability to work on potentially live branched cable systems during installation and repair.

The MPGU is a system for verifying earth connections and constant monitoring for current on the cable – current detected over 100mA activates alarms.

Consisting of a Robust Design Concept which is lightweight and portable (incorporating battery charger with backup battery), the MPGU is a very flexible unit and can be used in a variety of environments such as beach manholes and on board barges or vessels of opportunity. In repair scenarios, the MPGU can be used with various Subsea and Beach Joint Technologies.



  • Combined Controller & Sensor Head are independent
  • Operates from internal battery which can run for up to 48 hours
  • External battery provides additional 24 hours of operation
  • Can run from an AC supply during operation, which also provides charging
  • 1 internal alarm and 3 external alarms for each Controller & Sensor Head
  • 100mA trip
  • Qualified for 400A short circuit currents
  • Qualified for 10A for 48 hours continuous current
  • Qualified for 15kV
  • Current test switch and alarm reset
  • Qualified for many cable types and combinations


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