Seabed Mapping for Coastal Engineering


A-2-Sea’s survey capability is specially tailored towards the provision of survey services in the near-shore environment.

Ultra-high resolution shallow water multibeam echo sounders and side scan sonars are used to conduct baseline and reconnaissance surveys for a variety of nearshore survey applications.

A-2-Sea offers a range of topographic and shore-based surveys including beach-profiling and laser scanning to assist with coastal engineering projects. To discuss project requirements or for information on survey vessels, please call us on 01794 830909 or email us.

The latest generation marine magnetometers and gradiometers are used to detect potential unexploded ordinance (UXO) for coastal engineering projects.

In addition to its core activities, A-2-Sea offers oceanographic services including tide, wave and turbidity monitoring.

A shallow-draft dedicated in-house survey vessel (12-hr and 24-hr capability) provides the ideal survey platform to conduct nearshore survey operations. Alternative survey platforms (draft <0.5m) are available to acquire data to overlap with any land survey elements.

A-2-Sea’s survey professionals specialise in surveying the near-shore environment and appreciate the dynamic nature of the land-sea interface and its implications on coastal defence and engineering projects.

Tailored Survey Services:

  • Cost effective baseline and reconnaissance surveys
  • High resolution seabed mapping using the latest generation shallow water multibeam echo sounders and side scan sonars.
  • Land based topographic surveys such as beach profiling and laser scanning to aid coastal engineering projects.
  • Surveys for identification of potential UXO
  • Oceanographic surveys including tide, wave height and turbidity monitoring

Cost-effective Survey Solution:

  • Rapid mobilisation of dedicated in-house survey vessel with 12-hr and 24-hr operational capability.
  • Dedicated shallow-draft survey vessel ideally suited for inshore survey operations
  • Cost-effective weather standby packages
  • 24hr data processing facilities
  • Time-efficient delivery of data deliverables

Data Quality:

  • Utilisation of the latest generation, state-of-the-art, survey equipment and specialist software packages
  • Surveys carried out to meet and exceed Internationally recognised standards (International Hydrographic Organisation S-44 standards)

Data Processing and Reporting:

  • High specification processing PCs and use of industry leading data processing software (QPS Qimera) allows for the production and visualisation of data deliverables.
  • Processing and production of ultra-high resolution multibeam bathymetry, backscatter and water column data for various coastal engineering applications.
  • A team of GIS and CAD specialists for charting deliverables


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