Subsea Cable Installation


A-2-Sea has the experience, expertise and equipment to undertake shallow water subsea or subaqueous cable installation projects, and provides cost-effective installation solutions.

Typical projects can incorporate cable supply, cable route studies, geophysical and geotechnical surveys, permits and licensing, cable installation and burial, and vessel specification and chartering. Beach jointing, land jointing and system acceptance testing can all be undertaken by our team, using A-2-Sea designed jointing products.

A-2-Sea also offers considerable experience and expertise in undertaking the beach and land jointing element of subsea cable installation projects. This service can often extend to shore end operations or more complex deep water subsea installation projects.

By understanding the customer’s need for rapid mobilisation, demobilisation, transport, and reliable execution, A-2-Sea created its own specialised suite of equipment. Among the various items that are assembled for expedited mobilisation is deck equipment, trenching & burial equipment and a specialised Command and Control System ensuring quality execution.

A-2-Sea’s installation capabilities do not stop at the shore line. A-2-Sea installs the shore end cable into a manhole and terminates the submarine cable into a sea-land joint providing mechanical and water ingress protection.


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