Inshore Geophysical Cable Route Survey

A-2-Sea Solutions recently performed an inshore cable route survey in the South of France.

The project included a detailed survey of a new subsea cable route. This involved the collection of high-resolution bathymetry, side scan sonar, shallow seismic, magnetometer and land topographic data, which were then integrated and detailed in a comprehensive report.

Inshore surveys are a key component of any successful subsea cable installation project.

The data collected provided the client with a greater understanding of the terrain through which their cable was to be laid, enabling them to make more informed decisions about cable route selection and placement. 

The survey was completed using our state-of-the-art equipment and software, which enabled us to provide accurate results quickly and efficiently. The vessel was mobilised with a Norbit Winghead i77h MBES, Edgetech 4125 (400/900kHz) SSS, Innomar SES2000 Compact and Geometrics G882 Magnetometer.

The data collected is vital in helping to identify any potential hazards that may be encountered during the course of the cable installation operation. This data is then used to develop a safe and cost-effective route that meets both commercial and regulatory requirements.

Operating in the coastal zone presents a number of challenges, from tides and currents to environmental sensitivities and land access.

Common hazards encountered in inshore surveys include shallow water depths, submerged objects, and other environmental concerns such as strong currents. 

Our survey team is experienced in dealing with these challenges and can provide clients with a detailed understanding of the local environment in order to facilitate informed decision-making. For this project, A-2-Sea Solutions was able to draw on its extensive experience and knowledge of the region, ensuring a fast, efficient and safe survey that delivered the data required.

Achieving overlap between the coastal and offshore data sets is paramount to the success of a subsea cable project.

A-2-Sea Solutions was able to provide our client with an integrated data set that allowed them to accurately plan their cable route, allowing for more reliable installation operations.

By using a local inshore survey vessel combined with land-based survey teams, we were able to provide our client with comprehensive coverage of the area in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

This enabled us to deliver all of the data required for the project within both time and budget constraints.

This project showcases our worldwide expertise in inshore survey work.

We are proud to have provided our client with a comprehensive survey that met their needs and enabled them to make an informed decision about the installation of their cable route.

We look forward to continuing our work in this field and helping clients around the world to ensure their projects are completed safely and successfully.

If you have an upcoming inshore survey project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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