Cable Installation

A-2-Sea benefit from an exceptional track record in delivering fibre optic cable installation services, on a global basis. 

We help our clients to achieve their cable installation requirements by offering a suite of services catering to land, shore-end and shallow water telecommunications projects. As leaders in our field, our expert team deliver a comprehensive service offering, enabling both a streamlined procurement process and project delivery.

Cable Route Clearance

A-2-Sea has a proven track record of managing the cable route clearance project from start to finish. We can work closely with your team from the earliest phases of project development and planning, with a comprehensive range of services including marine surveys and efficiently and safely removing obsolete cables and debris from sea, river and lake beds.

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Land Cable Installation

Covering all system aspects between the Beach Manhole (BMH) and the Cable Landing Station (CLS), A-2-Sea Solutions deliver industry-leading expertise and project management for fibre optic installation. A highly experienced team of jointing engineers, testing engineers and cabling gangs provide a comprehensive range of services globally. 

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Shore End Cable Installation

A-2-Sea offers the full scope of activities for shore end landing fibre optic cable installation, including bringing the cable ashore, installing cable into ducts or pre-laid conduits, installing cable into the beach manhole, armour wire anchoring, cable end preparation, testing and jointing to land cable. 

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Shallow Water Cable Installation

A-2-Sea has the experience, expertise and equipment to undertake shallow water subsea or subaqueous fibre optic cable installation projects, providing cost-effective installation solutions. We offer a turnkey solution for shallow water cable installations in rivers, lochs, estuaries and lakes

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Mobile Power Grounding Unit (MPGU)

The A-2-Sea Mobile Power Grounding Unit (MPGU) provides power safety and the ability to work on potentially live submarine and terrestrial powered cable systems during installation and repair. The MPGU equipment is low-cost, modular, lightweight and transportable.

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