Cable Maintenance & Repair

We support our clients globally by delivering comprehensive cable maintenance and repair services to ensure their systems are protected and performing optimally.

With a resolute customer focus, our team provide the full spectrum of cable repair and maintenance services ranging from a 24/7 standby service with a rapid response to urgent requirements, through to long-term Operations and Maintenance (O&M) advice and guidance.

Land Cable Maintenance and Repair

A-2-Sea maintains various subsea optical telecommunication cables that land in the UK. Additionally, we also maintain many of the UK’s inland subaqueous telecommunication cables, subsea optical telecoms cables in Europe as well as other international locations.

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Subsea Cable Maintenance and Repair

A-2-Sea offer a comprehensive range of subsea fibre optic cable maintenance and repair services. We support our telecommunications clients globally delivering services to ensure their subsea cable systems are protected and performing optimally.

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Cable System Operations & Maintenance

For organisations that do not have an in-house Cable System Operations & Maintenance (O&M) team or who require additional expertise and resources, our team can help to support. 

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Mobile Power Grounding Unit (MPGU)

The A-2-Sea Mobile Power Grounding Unit (MPGU) provides power safety and the ability to work on potentially live submarine and terrestrial powered cable systems during installation and repair. The MPGU equipment is low-cost, modular, lightweight and transportable.

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