Design, Development & Manufacture

Land, beach and shallow water cable jointing has been at the core of our business since establishment.

Both our Universal Land and Beach Joint and Subsea Shallow Water Joint benefit from an exceptional record of reliability, which is the result of years of experience combined with a robust and extensive testing regime. Our team are continuously striving to develop and enhance the joints, ensuring that it is qualified to meet the requirements of new cable variants for both powered and non-powered systems. Learn more about our joints below. 

Universal Land and Beach Joint

Our Universal Land and Beach Joint features a universal base design that allows for a wide variety of assorted cable designs by manufacturers, and is currently qualified with over 30 different cable designs. Smaller and faster to construct than conventional joints, the A-2-Sea Land and Beach Joint offers simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

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A-2-Sea Marine Joints

A-2-Sea has successfully designed and qualified two purpose-built marine joints, which deliver high reliability with significantly lower component and equipment cost. 

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Mobile Power Grounding Unit (MPGU)

The A-2-Sea Mobile Power Grounding Unit (MPGU) provides power safety and the ability to work on potentially live submarine and terrestrial powered cable systems during installation and repair. The MPGU equipment is low-cost, modular, lightweight and transportable.

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