Shore End Cable Installation

A-2-Sea offers turnkey shallow water fibre optic cable shore end installation services for Pre-Lay Shore Ends (PLSE) and Direct Shore Ends (DSE).

A-2-Sea have been involved in installing more than 100 shore ends globally, including supporting a single project that required 40 shore ends to be installed in six months. Besides providing a complete land-based and shore end service package, A-2-Sea can offer support services to a cable installer by managing operations on the beach for PLSE and DSEs. We offer the full scope of activities for shore end landings, including bringing the cable ashore, installing cable into ducts or pre-laid conduits, installing cable into the beach manhole, armour wire anchoring, cable end preparation, testing and jointing to land cable. 

Where required, the scope of work can be extended into the land cable installation and termination of the cable in the Cable Landing Station (CLS).

A-2-Sea’s 3D CAD design team can create a professional deck spread design for the selected vessel, allowing the optimum deck layout to be created and verified before the vessel is mobilised. This minimises costs by avoiding expensive and time-consuming reconfiguration of equipment.

Our comprehensive capabilities and experience mean customers have fewer contractors to contract and manage, resulting in the delivery of cost-effective, streamlined projects.

Comprehensive cable installation service offering

Highly qualified and trained personnel

Diverse and extensive cable installation experience

Shore End Telecoms Cable Installation Services

  • Shore end landing, preparing and installing cable
  • Shore ends involving cable pulls through pre-installed conduits over 1km, including conduit pigging if required
  • Beach jointing operations between marine and terrestrial cables
  • Land telecoms cable installation
  • Termination of cable in CLS
  • Terrestrial and marine cables tested optically and electrically
  • End to End Testing
  • Supply a universal beach and land joint if required–a highly versatile and reliable joint with many different configurations of cable designs and combinations. Additional qualifications can be carried out if required
  • Marine operations including vessel procurement, Pre-Lay Grapnel Runs, Cable Burial, Diver Operations
  • Provide experienced personnel and required equipment for shore-based activities.

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