Land Cable Maintenance and Repair

A-2-Sea has been providing specialist subsea cable maintenance and repair services for 25 years.

A-2-Sea maintains various subsea optical telecommunication cables that land in the UK. Additionally, we also maintain many of the UK’s inland subaqueous telecommunication cables, subsea optical telecoms cables in Europe as well as other international locations.

Fibre Optic Cable Maintenance and Rapid Response Repair Services

While it is common practice for a telecoms cable owner to have a maintenance solution to repair their cable system in the marine environment, the capability to repair the cable in the terrestrial environment is often overlooked. However, this is just as critical as a marine maintenance solution. A-2-Sea offers a 24/7 full maintenance standby service for telecoms cable systems landing in many countries worldwide, providing a rapid response to faults between the Cable Landing Station (CLS) and the intertidal zone, including the land route, Beach Manhole (BMH) and the beach landing.

Responding to an electrical failure, optical failure or cable exposure, A-2-Sea can mobilise a fully qualified team of jointing and testing engineers, equipment and maintenance spares to identify and rectify the fault location, including the replacement of a beach joint, land joint or land cable section. Quick fault location helps prevent further damage to the cable systems, ensuring their longevity and reliability. Our highly experienced jointing team utilises our qualified jointing products with a comprehensive suite of equipment to deliver exceptional service to our subsea cable clients globally.

While keeping time, costs and downtime to a minimum, our comprehensive range of services includes jointing, warehousing of clients’ equipment, cabling operations, beach excavation, and earthing systems.

Our subsea telecoms cable maintenance and repair services typically cover:

  • Shallow water and river crossing cables.
  • Subsea optical system land routes.
  • At-sea cable jointing support.
  • Emergency reburial of exposed subsea optical cable shore ends.
  • Submarine cable maintenance and repair of equipment, ducts, signage and navigational aids.

With over 25 years of experience, our company has performed a wide range of maintenance activities, including preventive and corrective maintenance, record-keeping for cable installations, and implementing both time-based and condition-based maintenance strategies.

Our 24/7 maintenance standby service ensures that your systems are always up and running. This service provides continuous operation and support, guaranteeing that any issues are promptly addressed to maintain the integrity of your network. With our comprehensive support packages, we ensure uninterrupted operation and protection of vital network infrastructures. Additionally, we offer the availability and maintenance of spare parts to support the cable systems during their operation.

In the UK, the response time for initial repair assessments is crucial for maintaining service quality. Our tailored maintenance agreements ensure quick response times for repair assessments, meeting specific zone requirements and contractual KPIs. This approach allows us to provide efficient and reliable services, tailored to your budget and service needs.


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maintenance standby service


response time for initial repair assessments in the UK

 Key features

  • 24/7 call out service covering the cable system from the CLS to the BMH, including the beach joint and intermediate joints.
  • Highly experienced jointing engineers, testing engineers and cabling gang
  • A tailored response time can be provided to the cable owner, in the UK, aiming to be on site within 12 hours for an initial repair assessment and a repair solution mobilised within 24 hours.
  • Remove and replace faulty plant, install replacement plant using cable systems spares and test.
  • Can offer the facility to store and mobilise system spares on cable owners behalf including testing annually, maintaining equipment and replacing perishables in joint kits.
  • Spares procurement service
  • Jointing and testing equipment is hand-transportable
  • Provide joint qualification service if required. 

 Key benefits

  • Our fast cable response and repair service helps to minimise system downtime.
  • With a fully flexible and bespoke offering, we can tailor our services to meet customer requirements regarding service and response levels.
  • For customers with multiple cable landing with the same technology, A-2-Sea can manage one common set of spares, saving on capital expenditure and storage charges.
  • For customers with cable systems from multiple manufacturers, A-2-Sea can provide its universal beach and land joint to cover all the systems, avoiding the need for holding multiple spares for each manufacturer.
  • Our team is equipped to handle cable maintenance and repair in challenging environments like the North Sea, ensuring resilience and development of telecommunications networks worldwide.

  • Support vehicles on 24/7 standby
  • Beach cable detecting
  • Fibre splicing rigs
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometers with mapping capture
  • Earth and electrical testing with 500v capability
  • Pressure testing equipment
  • Power grounding equipment

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