Subsea Cable Maintenance and Repair

A-2-Sea offer a comprehensive range of subsea cable maintenance and repair services

We support our telecommunications clients globally, delivering services to ensure their subsea cable systems are protected and performing optimally in accordance with industry requirements. Our experienced fibre optic repair engineers use the latest equipment and techniques to carry out repairs efficiently and effectively, with minimum downtime and disruption for our clients.

Marine Subsea Telecoms Cable Repair Operations

For any subsea cable system, maintenance and repair are essential to ensure the continued operation and longevity of the cables. At A-2-Sea, we understand the critical nature of these systems and provide a wide range of services to support our clients in their cable maintenance and repair needs.

Our fibre optic cable repair services include:

Emergency Fibre Optic Repair Call Out

We offer a call-out service for emergency fibre optic repairs in relation to faults or damage to subsea cable systems. Our team of experts are available at short notice to provide a fast response to emergencies and deliver an efficient and effective repair service. We understand the importance of restoring connectivity as quickly as possible, and our technicians work diligently to minimise downtime for our clients.

Planned Maintenance for Submarine Cable Systems

Our planned call-out services are designed to proactively address any potential issues before they become major problems. We work closely with our clients to develop maintenance plans that meet industry standards, including regular inspections and repairs.

Marine Fibre Optic Repair Planning

Preparing for a subsea cable repair operation is an essential part of the process. Our skilled fibre engineers have extensive experience planning and preparing for fibre optic repairs, ensuring the operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Mobilisation and Demobilisation of Cable Ship

In addition to planning, we also handle the mobilisation and demobilisation of specialised cable ships for repair operations. This includes coordinating with vessel owners, contractors, and suppliers to ensure a seamless process.

Provision of Offshore Customer Representative

For our clients who require additional support during repair operations, we offer the provision of offshore customer representatives. These experienced professionals act as liaisons between our clients and the repair team, providing updates and ensuring all needs are met.

Provision of Onshore Repair Manager

We also offer the services of an onshore repair manager to oversee and manage all aspects of the repair works. This includes coordinating with offshore teams, managing budgets and timelines, and providing regular updates to our clients.

Management of Marine Repair Operation

Our team has extensive experience managing fibre optic cabling repair operations, ensuring that all elements are executed efficiently and effectively. This includes coordinating with vessel crews, overseeing repairs, and providing timely updates to our clients.

Cable analysis qualification

With the potential to cause significant issues for asset owners, faulty fibre optic cabling can occur through various means, including turbulent weather, fishing activity, improper installation, earthquakes and dredging.

Upon completion of cable repair, a cable analysis should be performed on a sample of the damaged cable to determine the fault cause. At A-2-Sea, our highly qualified team provide this cable analysis as a complimentary service to our clients, complete with a comprehensive, clear report on the origin of the failure. 


Subsea Cable Recovery

A-2-Sea works with its clients to recover or move an existing optical fibre network system. The system may be placed into storage for future use or, after recovery, installed in a new location. In either case, A-2-Sea provides expert inspection and testing of the recovered fibre optic cables. When held in our storage facility, we provide scheduled testing and turning of the cable.

If required, we can also dispose of the recovered cable with appropriate certification. Our team has extensive experience in subsea cable recovery projects, ensuring that the process is completed safely and efficiently.

Cable Storage and Testing

A-2-Sea has a secure depot for storage of customers' equipment and spare fibre optic cabling and provides periodic testing to ensure the cable conforms to system requirements. A-2-Sea offers a comprehensive optical and electrical cable testing service. Our trained and experienced team tests and characterises subsea optical cable systems and provides full data-packs to system owners and customers.

As part of system maintenance contracts, customer repair cables are regularly tested and documented at our secure storage facilities in Hampshire

Additional Services

  • Manage marine maintenance spares
  • Manage third party damage claims
  • Expert witness
  • Representation at Cable System Consortia and Cable Management Agreement Meetings.
  • Cable crossing and proximity agreements
  • Fishing liaison
  • Fouled Cable Incident Management
  • Ad hoc operations and maintenance, offshore liaison.
  • Shallow Water installations
  • CLS equipment installation
  • Land route and marine surveys
  • Recovery operations: cable landing station equipment, land cable, land joint, inshore and offshore shallow water marine cable 
  • Remedial shore end operations: emergency shore end reburial, planned shore end reburial, shore end excavation/slack management
  • Navigational aid: emergency and planned refurbishment and replacement.

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