Cable Route Clearance

Cable route clearance and debris removal is an essential part of any successful cable installation project.

A-2-Sea has a proven track record of managing the cable route clearance project from start to finish. We can work closely with your team from the earliest phases of project development and planning, with a comprehensive range of services including marine surveys and efficiently and safely removing obsolete cables and debris from sea, river and lake beds.

Cable Route Clearance Planning and Project Management

Our team can manage the entire cable route clearance from the initial planning phases, including Notice to Mariners and stakeholder communication, through the survey campaign to eventual removal and disposal operations.

We liaise with the relevant authorities and stakeholders, including other contractors, ensuring that the project is performed to the highest health and safety standards and in full compliance with environmental legislation. 

Cable Route Pre and Post Clearance Survey 

Operating from our dedicated survey vessels Cerys Line and Morven, a highly experienced team use advanced hydrographic, geophysical survey sensors to identify cables, pUXO, debris, and other potential obstructions along the cable route. We collaborate with dive teams and local bomb disposal partners for pUXO investigation to ensure the risk is reduced to ALARP. 

Cable Route Clearance and Pre-Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR)

Cable route clearance activity begins with strategising a plan for cable recovery and debris removal, including deploying diver teams if required for further investigation. 

We then mobilise and equip an appropriate vessel for cable recovery operations with specialised submersible equipment, including trenching machines, ploughs and grapnels. Redundant subsea cables are removed from the congested ocean floor, recovering, relocating and reinstalling functional cables where required. Hazardous cables are removed from beaches and intertidal areas. 

As an environmentally responsible contractor, we recycle wherever possible to recover valuable materials and arrange suitable disposal. At our dedicated facility, we can store and test subsea cables and provide spares and maintenance services.

Additional services

  • UXO investigation: survey, diver teams and liaison with local bomb disposal
  • Cable storage, testing, maintenance and spares
  • Recover, relocate and reinstall functioning cables 
  • Removal of hazardous cables from beaches and intertidal areas.

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