Shallow Water Cable Installation

With nearly 25 years of experience, A-2-Sea has unrivalled expertise in the installation of fibre optic cable systems.

A-2-Sea has the experience, expertise and equipment to undertake shallow water subsea or subaqueous telecoms cable installation projects, providing cost-effective installation solutions. We offer a turnkey solution for shallow water cable installations in rivers, lochs, estuaries and lakes.

Our typical subsea fibre optic cable installation projects incorporate: 

  • Cable procurement, 
  • Cable route studies, 
  • Geophysical and geotechnical surveys, 
  • Permits and licensing, 
  • Cable installation and burial, 
  • Vessel specification and chartering, and,
  • System acceptance testing.
  • Cable lay support

25 years of experience

Support for projects globally

Land and marine capability

Specialist jointing expertise

Comprehensive service offering

Our cable installation capabilities do not stop at the shoreline.

A-2-Sea installs the shore end telecoms cable into a manhole and terminates the cable into a sea-land joint providing mechanical and water ingress protection. A-2-Sea also offers considerable experience and expertise in undertaking the beach and land jointing element of subsea cable installation projects.

This service can often extend to shore-end operations or more complex deepwater subsea installation projects.

Subsea Cable Installation Jointing Support

A-2-Sea's highly experienced team carry out shipboard jointing activities, as well as land-based work. A-2-Sea jointers regularly support cable installation projects with all major system providers worldwide.

We perform periodic surveys of the land routes to assess the position and condition of both the joints and the cable route. Hazards or restrictions on access are identified and recorded to allow future jointing activities to proceed unhindered. A survey enables specific development work to be carried out before any remedial action is required.

Development projects and consulting work for both on-shore and offshore applications can be undertaken to meet agreed specifications and requirements. All necessary equipment for the installation of powered or non-powered optical cable joints is owned and maintained by A-2-Sea. Our comprehensive installation service also includes cable laying support, cabling operations and beach excavation, allowing a rapid response to any fault along the land route.

Rapid Mobilisation, Worldwide

By understanding the widespread need for rapid mobilisation, demobilisation, transport, and reliable execution, A-2-Sea created its own specialised suite of equipment. Among the various items assembled for expedited mobilisation are deck equipment, trenching & burial equipment and a specialised Command and Control System to ensure quality execution.

Key Features

  • Fibre Optic cable installation and testing
  • Shore end jointing and testing
  • Intermediate jointing between BMH and telephone exchange
  • Cable testing including fault diagnostics
  • Vessel supply, mobilisation and management
  • Health & Safety: all relevant accreditations, including Confined Space Works, gas testing, NRSWA.

Key Benefits

  • Industry-leading expertise and project management
  • Highly experienced jointing engineers, testing engineers and cabling gang
  • The solution is fully flexible and tailored to meet customer requirements.

Optional Services

  • Land route and marine surveys
  • Cable specification and procurement
  • A-2-Sea universal beach and land joint
  • Recovery operations for obsolete cable/equipment
  • Remedial shore end operations
  • Cable maintenance and repair

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