Universal Land and Beach Joint

Universal cable joints with exceptional reliability

Beach and shallow water cable jointing has been at the core of our business since establishment 25 years ago. Our outstanding reliability level has been achieved through a rigorous and extensive testing programme, which exceeds established industry standards and requirements, simulating worst-case installation and operational conditions. The key feature of the A-2-Sea joint is its universal base design which allows for a wide variety of assorted cable designs by manufacturers. Easily accommodating a myriad of cable designs from different manufacturers, we are continuously developing the joint to ensure it is qualified for any new cable variants; for both powered and non-powered systems. 

Key features of the system include:

  • Simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Smaller than conventional joints, faster to construct, reduced training requirement, tools can be hand-carried.
  • Approved by major subsea system owners, installers, operators, manufacturers and cable suppliers.
  • Qualified with over 30 different cable designs.
  • A-2-Sea provides installation or repair support with qualified jointers and equipment.
  • Capable of being used as a junction unit combining two land cables to one marine cable or vice versa.
  • Connection to in-line power filters.
  • Allows for optical and power cables to be reliably connected at the Beach Joint.
  • Over 100 joints in service globally with 100% reliability performance.


joints in service globally


reliability performance


different cable designs qualified

Moulding qualifications

Subsea optical cable joints typically depend on a polyethylene moulding encapsulation process to reinstate the polyethylene dielectric at the joint. A-2-Sea has considerable experience in polyethylene moulding systems and processes and offers Polyethylene Moulding Systems tailored to specific customer or cable requirements.

A-2-Sea produces a range of moulding suites with processing controls for a variety of cable types. Years of continuous improvement have resulted in exceptional reliability and precision within the repair operation, with a particular focus on ring-moulding technology. 


Dimensions: 990mm in length, with outside diameter of 170mm

Weight: 15kg (installed with resin)

Submersible: Qualified to 6m water depth

The A-2-Sea land and beach joint has been installed worldwide and on many cable systems, including:

CANTAT 3 TAT 12 TAT 14 ESAT 1 / 2
Manx 1 Celtic Manx-NI S-Brean
UK-FR 3 Scot-NI 1 FLAG Tanergine
Farland 3 Scot-NI 2 Hugo S1/S2 Apollo
UK-CI 7 and 8 Farland Yellow Liberty
DISA 1 and 2 SEA-ME-WE 3 SOLAS Northern Lights
Jersey/Guernsey 4 UK-Ger 6 FALCON PAC









A range of variants have been developed for specific situations:

Optical splitter joints

Separate optical and power Land cables

High fibre count cables (up to 192 fibres qualified)

Powered (up to 15kV)


Switched land routes

Secured to offshore structures

Direct burial

Switchable land routes

Power feed filter connection

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