Mobile Power Grounding Unit (MPGU)

The A-2-Sea Mobile Power Grounding Unit (MPGU) provides power safety and the ability to work on potentially live submarine and terrestrial powered cable systems during installation and repair.

The equipment facilitates the repair of non-live segments of a cable system which may become live for various reasons. By removing the need to switch off the whole system to undertake a repair, there is a significant reduction in loss of revenue during the downtime.

The MPGU equipment is low-cost, modular, lightweight and transportable. It can be used on barges and vessels of opportunity when installing or repairing submarine cables or installing and repairs from the beach to the terminal station and practically any location in between. Equipment is available to measure the ground resistance of the available earth: system, station or temporary earth created for the MPGU repair.

The MPGU is flexible, portable and adaptable, and can accommodate the whole range of cable types that exist in today’s systems. It also offers system installers, owners and planners the low-cost installation options they need.

 Key Features MPGU

 Key Features

  • Qualified for cable systems up to 15kV. Qualified for 400A short circuit currents. Qualified for 10A for 48 hours continuous current. 100mA trip current
  • Modular and portable: equipment can be hand-carried and complies with airline regulations
  • Works with all switchable branching unit systems
  • Internal battery which can run up to 48 hours, external back up battery provides additional 24 hours, plus ability to connect to generator/power source
  • User-friendly procedures and processes with clear safety protocols. Minimal requirements for PPE speeds the repair process
  • Low maintenance


qualified for systems up to

48 hours

internal battery can run up to


short circuit currents qualified for 

Key Benefits

  • Highly adaptable and designed for repairs of all cable types
  • Small and light equipment enables fast response. Transporting only the kit modules required for each specific repair reduces luggage and lowers transit costs
  • Allows a portion of a branched system to be turned off and ensures safety by preventing the section from becoming live
  • Ensures sufficient power to allow the repair to be undertaken and completed
  • Training materials suitable for non-native English speakers
  • A-2-Sea has over 25 years’ proven equipment, processes and procedures in the industry.
Key Benefits MGPU

Compact and highly portable

Versatile and designed for repairs of all cable types

User-friendly with clear safety protocols


Outside casing specifications: 560mm W, 230mm H and 350mm D

Internal battery specifications: 360mm W, 170mm H and 290mm D

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