Hydrographic Survey for Nautical Charting


A-2-Sea specialises in the acquisition and production of ultra-high resolution multibeam echo sounder (MBES) data for seabed mapping and nautical charting applications.

Data are acquired on board a dedicated in-house survey vessel (12-hr and 24-hr capability) mobilised with the latest generation shallow water multibeam echo sounder.

The Kongsberg EM2040 Compact shallow water multibeam (dual head, dual swath configuration), provides 1600 soundings per ping and a beam width of 0.7° x 0.7° making it ideally suited for the object detection requirements of nautical charting surveys. The dual swath capability allows for increased data density along-track, reducing the survey duration and making the system a more cost-effective option for our clients. A-2-Sea offers alternative MBES systems such as the R2Sonic 2024 and Reson SeaBat 7125 (both provide a 0.5° x 1° beam width at 400KHz).

A-2-Sea’s survey professionals are highly skilled FIG/IHO/ICA Category A accredited surveyors and offer over 10 years of nautical charting experience for UK based charting agencies. All surveyors are practised with the United Kingdom Civil Hydrography Programmes’ survey specification A and B. To discuss project requirements or for information on survey vessels, please call us on 01794 830909 or email us.

Tailored Survey Services:

  • Acquisition and processing of ultra-high resolution multibeam bathymetry, backscatter and water column data for nautical charting and wreck investigation surveys.
  • Kongsberg multibeam echo sounders (dual head configuration) with dual ping and dual swath capability reducing the survey duration and operational cost.
  • Seabed sampling, conducted on a 24-hr basis, use to ground-truth multibeam backscatter data and to determine sediment boundaries.
  • Observation of all aids to navigation sailing directions as per the HM Operational Guidance (HMOG’s) standards.

Cost-effective Survey Solution:

  • Rapid mobilisation of dedicated in-house survey vessel with 12-hr and 24-hr operational capability.
  • Dedicated shallow-draft survey vessel ideally suited for inshore survey operations
  • Cost-effective weather standby packages
  • 24-hr data processing facilities
  • Time-efficient delivery of rendered data and survey report

Data Quality:

  • Surveys carried out to meet and exceed Internationally recognised standards (International Hydrographic Organisation S-44 standards)
  • Experience with processing data to the United Kingdom Civil Hydrography Programmes’ survey specification A and B.
  • Practised with the use of relevant related standards, HM Operational Guidance (HMOG’s) NP145, The Mariner’s Handbook (NP100).

Data Processing and Reporting:

  • A-2-Sea’s survey professionals are experienced with processing in CARIS HIPS & SIPS to the UKCHP specification A and B.
  • Dedicated high specification processing machines to deal with large processed datasets.
  • All reporting will be carried out in accordance with the UKCHP specification and all hydrographic forms completed as required.


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